25 Ways Halloween Horror Nights 25 Nails It!

The greatest Halloween event in the world kicked off its 25th year this weekend. Halloween Horror Nights 25 at Universal Studios Orlando celebrates a quarter century of madness, mayhem, and monsters with their biggest showcase of events to... Read more

Halloween Horror Nights 25 – The Full Line-up

Midnight Wednesday August 26th, Universal Studios Orlando released all the details of their annual Halloween Horror Nights event. This year the event celebrates its 25th anniversary and expectations were high. When the clock struck 12, our... Read more

The Monster Cafe Gallery

Last quarter our Patreon supporter Newsletter featured an exclusive article on Universal Studios Orlando’s “Monster Cafe”. After the article was published we had a request from one of our longest running and biggest... Read more

SWICmas Songs – The Singles

Over the past 3 years we’ve featured 34 Star Wars / Christmas song mashup parodies in our Christmas specials. For a limited time, we’re offering free downloads of the songs on this page. In the new year, this site will undergo a major update... Read more

NeoZAZ Virtual CD Sampler

If you’re new to NeoZAZ.com and not sure where to start checking out what we do, here’s a sampler playlist of the great shows we offer on our network. Thanks for checking us out!

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Attraction Obsession

Welcome to Attraction Obsession, the podcast that takes an in-depth look at theme park and entertainment attractions from all over the world! Stay updated on all the releases from Attraction Obsession at the show... Read more

Podcasting – Where to Start

About once a month I’m asked a question about podcasting. This is very flattering as I still consider myself still in a phase of figuring out what the hell I’m actually doing each episode we record.  I try to answer the questions asked the... Read more