Star Wars In Character Special – The ArTmor Auction
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Star Wars In Character Special – The ArTmor Auction

Special Episode – “The ArTmor Auction”. In this episode, we recorded our live reactions during the ArTmor Auction. The ArTmor Auction was the finale our ArTmor Project, the main event of our 2013 Star Wars Toy Drive for the Philadelphia area Toys for Tots. The auction alone brought in $9,100! This was an unbelievable experience and we are so grateful to everyone that help made this event a phenomenal success!

Sites featured in this episode

The Big Toy Auction .com

The ArTmor Project Facebook page

Hear it here:

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  1. Dwayne Smith November 27, 2013

    Congratulations on the success of the art more project.Clear proof of what a great community Star Wars fandom is.

    I’m a fan of the show and 501 st member, and I love doing charity work, especially when it helps kids out. I’m also a pretty good artist. So I know you guys are cooking up something for next year… Whatever it is please count me in, I’ll paint up any thing Star Warsiee. My suggestion… Willrow Hood Ice cream makers, ehh??? Okay, bad idea, but man that would be funny. Seriously what ever you come up with, please let me lay some paint on it.
    Dwayne from Nor. California

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